Dear Lucy :

   You have more happiness compared to others , so u need satisfy with

everything . Don' t think something meaningless , it just can make u more

pessimistic . Negative emotion is witch .

  Don' t lose the original passion , if u face with frustration in the future . 

  Where there is a will , there is a way !

  Live for yourself , too care many things that come from others is not good

thing ,
to be yourself . Forget people and objects that bullshit 、lunatic and

counting .

  Life is very valuable , u can ' t turn back an adverse side once past , so please

grab every chance and don ' t waste times , or it will be too late to regret when u die .

   22 is another step of life , wish u can try ur best to achieve goals .

  Happy Birthday to u : )

                                                                                   2009. 3. 20


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